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Dr Jeremy D. Wilson

Arachnologist | Evolutionary Biologist | Taxonomist

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I'm an arachnologist from Brisbane, Australia. I work primarily with spiders of the Infraorder Mygalomorphae, which includes the tarantulas, trapdoor spiders, funnel-web spiders and their relatives. These are generally large, robust spiders that live in a burrow or retreat. I am dedicated to learning the intricacies of how these mysterious spiders live their lives, and linking this to evolutionary processes. I also discover and describe new species so that they may be prioritised for conservation.


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I use phylogenetic methods to reveal how different species are related to each other, and comparative phylogenetic analyses to answer questions about how and why particular morphological features or behaviours have evolved, or why species live in particular areas. To discover and describe new species, I combine the methods mentioned above with detailed examination of hundreds (or thousands) of specimens kept in Australia's precious natural history museums.

Photos from the field...

Collecting an undescribed Euoplos sp. from near my hometown of Narrabri, NSW, 2017
Namea sp., near Goomboorian, Qld, 2018
Near Mackay, Qld, about to head into the mountains, 2016
Aname sp. burrow, Eyre Peninsula, SA, 2017
Collecting an undescribed Euoplos sp. from near Eungulla, Qld, 2016
Arbanitis longipes, Brisbane, Qld
Freshwater crocodile, Cape York, Qld, 2016
A funnel-web spider burrow, Lamington National Park, Qld, 2019
A quick photoshoot with my phone after fieldwork, 2016
Field work on the Eyre Peninsula, 2017
Heteromigas sp., near Goomboorian, Qld, 2018
Digging up tarantulas is hard work! 2016
Views in the Southern Highlands, NSW, 2018
A Cryptoforis montana burrow, Lamington National Park, Qld, 2019
Missulena bradleyi, near Goomboorian, Qld, 2018
A beautiful, old, Nothofagus at high elevation in Lamington National Park, Qld, 2019
Hadronyche sp., near Goomboorian, Qld, 2018
Fieldwork is always wet in Valdivia! Chile, 2020
Deinopis subrufa getting ready for dinner, Mount Tamborine, Qld, 2019
Euoplos turrificus, near Maleny, Qld, 2019
A Euoplos turrificus waiting for an unsuspecting victim, near Maleny, Qld, 2019
Austrochilidae sp. Valdivia, Chile, 2020
Fieldwork in Parque Nacional Nahuelbuta, Chile, 2020
Scotinoecus sp., Valdivia, Chile, 2020
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